Magic Avatars: Dream Art AI

Magic Avatars: Dream Art AI


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∞ MAGIC AVATARS - CREATE THE NEW YOU Have you ever seen your face in various scenarios, from being an astronaut in a sci-fi movie to being a dawn muse in a painting by Picasso? Now you can make it come true with our cutting-edge AI technology called Magic Avatars. Do your works step by step following our guidelines carefully, and wait for our AI works the rest of that - generate astonishing avatars for you. ∞ CREATE UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK With Dream Art, you can easily create unique and beautiful artwork using the newest AI technology Just enter a prompt and pick your preferred art style then let AI Art Generator amazes you with unpredictable AI-powered painting art in seconds. - First, type in whatever you have in mind. — "Dream, Fire & Water, Cityscape, Ice Palace, Wonderland, Sea creature' or anything else you can imagine is just a few of the billions of potential paintings that could be made. Let your creativity take over! - Then, pick an art style! — Whether you’re looking for a vibrant colorful painting or something darker and more dystopian, AI Art Generator has you covered with an array of selected styles. - Create your painting like Wombo! — Enjoy how AI Art Generator uses the power of Artificial intelligence to transform your ideas into a wonderful painting. Restart the process till you have your dream artwork collection. Download and mint your artwork. Share your art with your family, friends and save your painting in your profile so that you can view it later. Privacy Policy: Terms of use: You are welcome to contact us at



  • Awesome features

    By TsunamiJen
    This is a great AI art app. It has various mediums that you can’t use on other similar apps. If I would change anything, it wouldn’t have a subscription options for premium features and everyone could use everything.
  • I love it

    By hecehc
    It didn’t work the first four times but the 5th time it worked and turned out SOOO GOOD!
  • Amazing

    By user3783291
    Love the app!
  • Very Creative But Works Very Slow

    By KyngofKyngz
    I paid for the premium version with no ads and it worked great for a couple of days. Now the images load extremely slow. Like it takes a full day for just one image, and that’s if it ever works. Something went wrong with it.
  • Promising, but frustrating.

    By Katiebell8891
    This app looks like it has many fun options that I was very excited to play around with. However, no matter what I do, even after signing up for premium, it won’t let me create! I can enter the prompt, and choose the style, but whenever I hit the create button to finish the process, it quits and goes back to the main screen. Even when I still has creations left, it would just quit; the next time I tried, the number of creations left had gone down, even though nothing was created! It’s gotten me very frustrated, and I just give up. It won’t stop running me in circles! May I please have my $6.99 subscription fee back?
  • App

    By landovdhejishj
    It’s good great art but I feel like there should be at least ten free uses a day and I think you should be able to use the picture option for watching an add
  • 5 Ads and 0 Artwork

    By Melbark
    Most other ai image generator apps will let you try out making some images to see if you like them before you buy s subscription, or at least they have you watch just one ad between creations. Not this one! Every time I typed in a prompt, it would show me another ad, erase the prompt, and take me back to the start screen. I gave up. 1 star for 0 results.
  • worked awsome

    By indomerunsuiadan
    i love the app and the results are great once you figure out how to be specific in the input. the only thing is it is only easy to use with the premium plan and i don’t have in app purchases on my device so i’m stuck watching ads or having to wait till the next day to make more art.
  • Wonderfully mystifying

    By bboyles55
    Love this program. Would have given a five but a bit difficult to understand how to get what you are really looking for. Very detailed descriptions of your concepts and beware of misspellings. Once you know what to do you will be generating fantastic and beautiful art work.
  • Impossible to even try unless you pay

    By Rylee Evans
    I wasn’t expecting a professional experience but the free version was impossible to use. I typed in the prompt and watch several ads but nothing would generate. I spent several minutes sitting waiting for something to happen but just kept getting stuck on the loading screen. The amount of time waiting for the ads is wayyyyyy too long and not normal compared to other apps. Watch an add before every single action gets boring.