Magic Poser - Art Pose Tool

Magic Poser - Art Pose Tool

By Wombat Studio, Inc.

  • Category: Graphics & Design
  • Release Date: 2016-09-05
  • Current Version: 1.47.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 223.05 MB
  • Developer: Wombat Studio, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later.
Score: 3.88758
From 7,045 Ratings


Ever tried googling for a pose or asking your friend to pose for your artwork? Then you should download and try Magic Poser! Magic Poser is the leading app for posing 3D characters, creating 3D scenes and setting up stunning lighting effects. 12+ million artists use our app to draw better and faster. Start creating poses within minutes on your mobile devices today! Magic Poser is extremely user-friendly and powerful. A must-have app for figure drawing, illustration, comics, storyboarding, concept art, sculpting, fitness instructions, and more! Feature highlights: • Super easy drag-and-pose - Most intuitive posing experience on the market - Anyone can pick it up in minutes - Advanced physics engine - Allows you to manipulate the 3D model like a real doll and automatically adjusts it to the dynamic poses you want - Full control up to every finger and toe - Our skeleton offers control of every part in a real human - Fastest hand posing - 50+ presets and curl sliders to make posing the hand easy and fun! • Best anatomy ever - Best realistic models crafted by our award winning sculptors - Nail male and female anatomy in your figure drawing - Super natural muscle deformations - Much more accurate than a rigid wooden doll • Muscular, fat and skinny body types - Morph your male or female character to different body types - Bring a variety of characters into your artwork - Adjust the amount of change and combine morphs with sliders - You can truly create a unique character just for your art piece • Stunning lighting effects - Add three types of lights - We feature directional light, spotlight and point lights - Add up to 8 lights per scene - Create cinematic shots using multiple light sources - Change brightness, color, radius and a range of parameters - Change time of day - Create any mood such as dawn, noon, dusk and midnight • Extensive library of characters, preset poses, props, hairstyles and clothing! - 25 characters of different styles - Realistic, anime, comic characters for every genre of artists - 3000+ preset poses for full-body, hands and feet - Truly speed up your posing or get more inspiration - 500+ props - Covers commonly used props such as geometric shapes, weapons, furniture, vehicles, everyday items, etc. - 100+ hairstyles and clothing - Customize your characters to another level • Export in 2D and 3D formats - Export in PNG - Export your scene as high resolution images to use in other graphics software - Export in OBJ - Bring our beautiful models seamlessly into other 3D programs • Create expansive scenes - Add unlimited characters and props to your scene - Your imagination is the limit - Group anything together with layers menu - Manage complicated scenes like a breeze • Versatile Views menu - Perspective slider - Bring more impact into your scene with strong perspectives - Save camera angles - Easily save your favorite angles of a 3D scene - Grid guides in three planes - No more headaches with any challenging perspective in your drawing • Back up your scenes locally and in the Cloud - Import/Export your scenes in Magic Poser file (.mp) format - You can easily back them up to your computer or other devices - Upload your scenes to your private Cloud - Keep your works safe and access them across multiple devices • Comprehensive tutorials - Step-by-step video tutorial to help you get started fast - Comprehensive user manual - Master every part of our powerful app EULA:



  • Excellent reference. One suggestion-image import

    By Don Lee_ohhh
    I would like to see the ability to import reference image(s) into the app to help speed the posing. Potentially you could make a photo of a person the same size as the MagicPoser model to allow pose matching, at least from a specific angle. It’s worth the one time payment for the better model’s, ability to adjust body type, additional lighting & more. Such a handy tool for figurative artists of any skill level.
  • Was good while it lasted

    By Alvrexadpot
    I really did love this app, and had recommended it before to people. But unfortunately it went with the subscription based model like everything has nowadays. I’m simply not willing to keep up with yet another subscription, especially when what was free, is now tucked behind a paywall. I understand it’s a money making business, as an artist for 15+ years, I know what it means to get paid for your work, which is why I would’ve been happy to at least pay a one time fee, even if it ran a little steep. But just by reviewing the owners replies, it just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. I’m looking for other apps in the meantime, hopefully something can match the functionality this had, without the ever increasing price to use it.
  • Amazing app that improved my workflow immensely

    By peleston
    This app is essential to my workflow and it’s helped me so much as an artist. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. There’s a lot of review bombing due to the new subscription model, but I personally don’t think it’s fair to ask the app developers to keep all the features free after the hard work they put in. Plus this money probably goes towards fixing bugs and adding new stuff to the app. There’s also an option for a one time purchase of $10 which is all I’ve needed from the app and it’s a very reasonable amount to pay for how much you get. Thanks for your hard work devs
  • Bruh

    By driedupdeadfeetskin
    Make 2 characters on one project free, its very hard for artists to even want to use your app because there’s so Kanu limitations behind a paywall
  • Garbage.

    By ycan284
    If I could give it zero stars, I would. You have to pay for literally ANYTHING. Including the plus sized features, what they so kindly call “fat”… not worth download..gross just another app that sees plus sized people as fat..
  • It’s crash

    By Strawberryipad
    Once I try to open the app , it kick me out to the main screen iPad screen
  • Profit over community again

    By Screwpayingrentforyourapp
    Obviously Adobe caused the downfall of artists now having to rent every single tool they use, usually independent businesses and small creators come through to be dependable, but these resources are diminishing. how much money do these companies/studios even think the average artist makes? All the money they put into research just to be resented by the community it claims to help. had several sets that used multiple models, show up on the app one day and I now can’t edit any of them. Had fun using this for my art, even recommended this to fellow creators, as a free tool, now I gotta announce the opposite. It would be one thing to make the app extras a one time purchase, but they had to ruin it with putting a rent on why people use this in the first place. The one time purchase you have currently is honestly laughable and of course that’s on purpose.
  • Good but has some big limitations

    By clombo99
    I love that this app is so easy to use, and that it has a variety of models and preset poses! The affordable $10 one-time fee version gives me everything I need without paying the expensive monthly subscription. The biggest thing that excited me about it was the body morph function, where you can adjust "muscle," "fat," and "skinny" sliders on the standard model. Being able to use this to account for body size before drawing is a huge asset. However, the sliders don't function well in combination with each other. The most common problem I have is that if I want to increase the muscle mass of a fat model, instead of changing their proportions it just slaps contoured abs on top of their belly😭 I pretty much just use the fat slider and ignore the other two, but I really hoped I could use them all together to achieve a realistic range of unique proportions. I hope the devs work to improve this. The other problem I have is how badly it handles shoulders. There is no way to move the shoulderblade and collarbone, and it really shows in poses with raised arms, even the pre-set ones. It's a pretty important and complex area of the body to render, so it's a little annoying to have an anatomy reference that can't pose it correctly.
  • Es un asco

    By mala actuación p
    Esta actuación es un asco solo puedes poner 1 personaje a la ves si no eres máster
  • More than one model

    By ZeeBee1928
    I’ve used this app for a good few years with my art, I used to love working with the models and creating my own fun scenes to recreate on procreate. I didn’t check into the app till recently, wanting to create a two person scenario when I found that I couldn’t even place two without having to pay. I don’t understand why something such as having at least two characters per scene is something we have to pay for. I would understand if maybe the limit was to 5 per scene before you have to pay, but to only be allowed one character? It just limits the people who cannot afford the subscriptions and takes away the creativity to the app. I’m disappointed, I really did love this app for its features. Maybe once things like this would be changed or fixed, I’d come back to this app, but for now I’m going to try and work with new apps instead. Thank you for reading, I hope most of our (the users of the app) words and conflicts regarding the app can be taken into great consideration.